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Important Factors That You Must Check in Choosing the Right Broker

Posted by on Nov 20, 2015

We are always meticulous in everything we choose now for being aware that things nowadays are easily fraud, just another negative impact of technology in our generation, yet there are always things that we could do in order for us to give protection to our investments and the following will tell you more of the important matters that you need to understand in making things work out always just fine with your trading journey.

One thing that is always been an important factor to consider is the payout. As you will notice, every individual broker has the tendency of having the different and unique types of payouts compared to one another. It is always a treat when your broker will give you a very attractive payout of 85% yet there are always those brokers that will just give the lower amount of payouts and that actually comes with any other good conditions.

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What you call the payout is everything that you gain or profit after trading with your broker. If you look for some tables of comparison that will show you how the game is being played which is the higher the payout you gain, the lower will be the threshold when it comes to the win or loss profitability where you as a trader is still profitable.  So as much as possible, choose a brokerage that will offer you a routine or contract that of paying at least 75% or even higher for you to secure your investments. This is because when your broker will provide you higher payout for your winning trade, this will always provide you all the chances of making much money even in the long run of trading.

Just stick it to your mind that if you really want to be successful in the industry of trading, the payout is one of the major factors that you must lookout when it comes to the amount of money you either make or lose.

Next to one is the Price Quoting, and this one you must never underestimate with the many factors of the binary trading broker choice. There are a lot of brokerage that have encountered several problems in the past when it comes to the price manipulation for them to fraud all the winning prices of their traders making them low as much as possible for their own benefits. Yet these issues happened much in the past since regulations had been passed for the brokers to follow. Yet it is always best for you to make the most of your security when it comes to your money.

Preventing those brokers that will manipulate the closing price of your money is always be your advantage and quoting is something that you must check first before making a deal. So as much as possible, it is important for you to work with the reputable, regulated and a straightforward type of brokerage that will always give you upfront the honest and accurate price. Always choose what is being regulated by the SEC and that is the safest thing for you to do yet aside from which there are also any other brokers that will give you the same, an honest and accurate price quotation all the time.

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It is always an advantage for you being a trader that your broker always has the consistency and confidence when it comes to their provided price that are displayed on the website equal to the real amount of the market price.

The third one of the many crucial considerations is the Speed of Withdrawal. This is because there are a lot of brokers that are known to be very slow when it comes to paying out money to their trades and this is something that you must always check out as soon as you knew that you made a winning trade. So as much as possible read reviews regarding the speed of withdrawal, choose that has lesser or no negative complaints when it comes to the withdrawal of their payouts. An inaccessible broker is soothing that you must doubt and stop working with.

The last yet not the least factor that you must consider when you are to choose your broker is the software the broker uses with their site. It is very desirable for you to find yourself accessing and trading with your account the easiest way for you to understand what is really going on most especially with your money. The platform that will always make you independent when it comes to dealing with your account, as well as the software that would create a fast and accurate result of what you would like to happen in real time for trading must always be done fast.

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Is Big Option a Scam?

Posted by on Oct 1, 2015


There are so many Binary Options trading platforms today, and you really need to be careful with them, because there are too many scammers out there. And this is exactly the reason why we write these reviews, so you’d know which of these trading platforms should be used, and which ones should not. And now, we are going to determine if Big Option trading broker is a scam.

Classic-Binary-EN-08092014The main thing that tells us that Big Option is not a scam is the fact that it is regulated. No regulated trading platform is a scam; well, at least not the one that wants to continue doing this. However, when the platform is regulated, that does not mean that the firm itself is regulated too. Basically, you have a regulated trading platform, but the firm does not have to be, and many illegal things may be happening there, beyond the trading platform. Many beginners do not understand this, but they will have to if they wish to continue doing this.

One thing that causes people to believe that Big Option is a scam is the fact that there are so many complaints about it. Well, when you take that into consideration, you might think that it is a scam too, but that doesn’t have to be so. Seeing how this is still a young company, they are maybe just getting acquainted with everything. But still, you shouldn’t trade via a trading broker that does not know what it’s doing. That way, you will lose your money certainly, be it through a scam, or through a mistake made by the people that control the platform.

BigOption-logoBig Option offers auto trading to its VIP clients, but the people who have tried it claim that it is completely off, and that no money can be made that way. This means that this option is rather faulty, but still it doesn’t have to mean that this is a scam, it can also be contributed to the lack of knowledge of the people that run the platform.

So, in the end, there is nothing left for us but to answer the question if Big Option is a scam. Well, it is rather fishy, and many actions this trading platform does sound rather scammy, but yet, they don’t have to be. There were some traders that have reported having their accounts wiped out, but this does not have to mean that every single account here is going to be wiped out. It could just be a mistake, and these things happen, especially if you are a new trading platform.

But one thing is for sure, and that is the fact that there are other trading platforms out there that are certainly not a scam, and that will certainly not make any of the mistakes that have been described here. So, it is our recommendation to avoid this trading platform, not because it is a scam, but because it is rather faulty. That means that you should trade on some of them, and avoid this one.

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History of 10Trade

Posted by on Oct 1, 2015

10trade_mobile_site10Trade is completely enrolled and managed by CySEC (Cyprus Securities Commission) and offers legitimate twofold alternatives exchanging all through Europe. In spite of the fact that the organization propelled a year prior, it has succeeded in turning into a famous stage for double alternatives exchanging and contains a rich exchanging accumulation with very nearly 200 tradable resources. 10trade additionally offers customers incalculable advantages, and administrations incorporating up to 81% in payouts, enhancing instructive assets, for example, webinars, eBooks and articles, and every minute of everyday client bolster making it an astoundingly tried and true stage. Given its brisk departure, 10trade is anticipated to reach just better statures in the years than come.

Albeit 10trade is an online exchanging stage, it is always committed to its customer base. It has contributed and built up an astounding and solid client administration group who give a top of the line backing to all customers day and night. Merchants can contact client bolster agents through email, live talk or telephone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Help is accessible in 5 mainlands (32 nations) furthermore offered in more than 10 dialects, for example, English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Swedish, and Norwegian with extra dialects to come.

A colossal advantage of exchanging on 10trade is that it is CySEC controlled profiting also exchanging, clear. The CySEC’s obligation is to freely manage the business sector and verify it’s in consistency with the European Union business sector rules. This stage acknowledges a few strategies for keeping installments including, credit/platinum cards, wire exchanges, Moneybookers, CashU, iDeal, Neteller, BitCoin alongside a couple of different means. 10trade additionally requires broad validation which incorporates an unmistakable, legitimate photograph I.D, confirmation of the location, and the duplicate of their Mastercard to open records and pull back stores. All exchanges are encoded by SSL which guarantee your individual information is constantly secure and 10trade-review-optionsensured.

10trades benefit record is a standout amongst the broadest and differed rundown offered on twofold alternatives exchanging stages. With this stage offering wares, stocks, records and monetary forms, merchants have the capacity to exploit the worldwide business sector. 10trade likewise offers a modest bunch of distinctive exchange choices, for example, 60 Second Trades, One Touch, Pairings and Long-term choices going from days to months. 60 second exchanging is extraordinary for customers who need a speedy exchanging background. One Touch suits more sure individuals who might like more time before their benefit of decision lapses. At the point when utilizing the One Touch choice, an advantage needs to touch the strike esteem keeping in mind the end goal to lapse in the cash. Pairings are proper for merchants who appreciate anticipating which two benefits with beat the other. A few samples of Pairings are Facebook versus Twitter, McDonalds versus Starbucks, and Google versus LinkedIn.

As a token of valuation for steadfast customers and newcomers, 10trade offers real impetuses to support record parties for each record bundle. 10trade offers 5 distinctive record bundles all containing diverse advantages and rewards. The rewards range from 10% which is incorporated in the starter bundle to up to 100% for dealers contributing a lot of cash, maybe better than Big Option.

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Is Big Option A Good Broker

Posted by on Oct 1, 2015


From the get go I will tell you that Big Option broker is not ranked well on Google trends and that there are brokers that have better reputation that this one, so think about it before using this broker. Good thing about this broker is that it has a history, it is 4 years old. It was upgraded from old SpotOption to SpotOption gen 2 platform recently. Headquarters of this broker are in UK, and they also have a center in Gibraltar. In early years this broker offered up to 20 trades that were risk free, and that was a big point they had. But their reputation was tarnished with a number of consumer complains against them.

Is it a scam or not is not on me to decide. After accusations that they are using trader’s money without their consent they denied those claims. But their denial was in form of explanation that they did that as an strategic move. Another thing is that Big Option is not regulated, and if you want to avoid any chance of scam best option is to trade on a regulated broker.

Withdrawal on this broker is slow. Slow in terms of waiting from 1 to 2 weeks for your money. If we are to compare this info with withdrawal periods of regulated brokers then it is slow. If you make your decision about a broker on this data only then stay away from Big Option.

Demo account is not an option Big Option gives to its players. Instead of free account that will allow you trading with virtual money on assets, regular account can trade on this broker offers you a trading account that is risk free. But this is not like a trading account, because number of those free trades is limited.


Bonuses and promotions are similar to many other brokers. Bonuses are given for deposits from 20 percent on 250 dollars deposit up to 100 percent on 10 000 dollars deposit. As you know these bonuses are not simply given to you to use and withdraw. In a case of Big Option for every dollar of bonus you have to trade 30 dollars. That means that if you want to claim bonus on 10 000 dollars which is that same amount you will have to trade 300 000 dollars, so those big bonuses are hard to get.

Whenever you want to find information about a certain broker you should search for complains about it. And there are many, many complains about Big Option. Some or all of these complains can be written by the competitors, but the fact that many of those complains are focused on withdrawal process and customer support should make you think a bit about them.

So, if you ask me about whether I would choose this broker, the answer is no. Large number of complains can only mean that this broker has some issues. Even though it is not labeled as a scam, and I won’t label it so, I would go and choose some other broker with less complains and better reputation.

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TradeRush explained

Posted by on Sep 12, 2015

If you are an American trying to find a trading platform or a website that will offer a great service for them, you’re probably having a hard time doing that. But, don’t worry, because we are going to present to you TradeRush, a trading platform that offers a good and secure service, and is well liked by the traders.


So, by now many of you have probably started asking why is this particular trading platform that gireat, and what is it that it can offer us, that others cannot? Well, there are many reasons why this website it well liked, and why you should also sign up to it immediately. First of all, they allow the American traders to trade here, which is a huge thing. Also, they will try to give you as many banking options as possible to try and accommodate you. That way, you can fund the account you have here, and you can do it in real time, which is a huge thing. Another great thing here is that the withdrawal process is not long at all, and it you get into a winning streak and wish to withdraw, they will help you with it as much as they can.

This trading platform also offers you a chance to trade in various ways, and that is exactly the thing that sets it apart from all the other trading platforms, and especially if you a trader from the United States. There will be no restrictions and you will be able to make all sorts of trades on this trading platform. But, of course, you should first read up on everything that is allowed here, so you don’t do something that is not quite allowed. You always need to be well informed, and that way you’ll both know if something is allowed, and if it is profitable.

traderush1The great thing about TradeRush is the fact that it offers an amazing asset index, and the diversity there is just astounding. They will help you a great deal when you start trading here, because they will tell you how the market behaves and what move you should make. You can trade here with all of the most popular assets today, which means that you will find some of the well respected names in the business world among the list of assets. That is why this trading platform is so popular.

The thing about this trading platform is that it is extremely easy to use, it is based on the same principles as IQ Option, which is something that all trading platforms should consider. It can be very hard for all the young traders to find their way around a trading platform, but here, everyone can do it, because it is just so simple. Another great thing here is the fact that you can set up your own demo account, where you can practice trading, and get the much needed experience, in order to get into the world of real money trading. This way, the real money trading will be much easier and simpler to you, and you won’t start with a loss, but with a profit!

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Reasons Why 24Option Is Not A Scam

Posted by on Sep 4, 2015

24Option is one of the biggest online trading platforms, and many people trade on it every day. However, there are still people who are suspicious and believe that it is just a scam, created only to take your money. Well, we are going to give you some reasons that will prove to you that it is not a scam, but a respectable online trading platform, on which hundreds of thousands of people trade every single day.24option (1)

1 – It was among the first trading platforms that offered trading binary options

Many companies started doing business at the same time as 24Option, and one of them is Cash Camp, for example, but most of them didn’t live up, and some of them have even shut down. This happened because there were too much negative reviews and comments regarding them online. Some of them tried to escape this bad reputation by changing their names, but eventually, the bad rep caught up to them.

24option-logo_82Unlike all of those trading companies, 24Options has never gotten a major negative review, and it is one of the reasons why it is still standing; and not only standing, but is leading in this field of trading. And this is because there weren’t that many binary options traders at that time, and all of them were happy with the fact that they have a platform where they can trade this type of asset.

2 – It is well regulated and has all the licenses

This company was founded in Cyprus, and it has all the necessary Cypriot licenses. And because Cyprus is in the EU, 24Option also has all the necessary European licenses, which means that it is well regulated and well respected. Apart from the Cypriot and European licenses, it also has Italian, German, British, and the French ones.

3 – There are no complaints

You can check this up online. You are not going to find any major complaint against this company, which means that it must be doing something right. There are various websites that review the binary options trading platforms, and not a single one of them has a bad thing to say about this company, which can only be a good thing.

4 – No shady practices are allowed

There are numerous shady brokers out there who are only after your money, and are finding various ways to steal it from you. Well, such a behavior is not welcomed on 24Option, because it is well regulated. In fact, if such a thing was allowed on this trading platform, it wouldn’t be able to get all those licenses it has gotten from all those respectable offices.

24option_BrokerSo, after reading this article, we believe that most people would agree that 24Option is not only not a scam, but it is one of the best trading platforms out there,  and the best one when it comes to trading binary options. We hope that we changed the minds of some of the people who have had some suspicions, and that they will give this trading platform a chance in the future.

24option- Life is different with money

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